Partov Energy Technology offers many opportunities and services in fields of Renewable energy such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass as well as Waste to energy, Hydropower, Ocean and Wave/Tidal energy. You have our support in different skills as follows:


Our skilled engineers apply in depth knowledge of process engineering and energy technology to integrate all support services needed to ensure safe, reliable and cost effective operations of your project regarding the renewable energies.
We provide you a range of specialized services aligned to your individual project requirements.

Consultancy Services

Partov Energy Technology can provide a range of consultancy services in Germany, Iran and Middle East, relating to the design, costing and implementation of renewable and alternative energy systems, energy conservation and housing design techniques. The services of renewable energy consultants can range from general advice, to plans for integration and the checking of renewable energy plans.

Technology Transfer

Coordinating between technology users and developers, between researchers and manufactures is an important element of technology transfer. We provide patenting, licensing, and other commercialization support to faculty and researchers in different renewable energy subjects

Training Service

We take seriously our responsibility to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their facilities and sites.

The Partov Energy Technology offers high-quality hands on training, workshops, short and mid courses in renewable energies technology and different systems regarding to renewable energies. We are providing you the latest developments in science and technology

We are helping you to:
-Encourage and support the activities of energy centers and Universities to promote their contribution in the education and training of engineers.
-Promote the engineering teaching and encourage introduction of renewable energy topics on the occasion of practical training in enterprises, graduation projects, practical work, etc.
-Organize the exchange of students of engineering schools, in a thoughtful study on topics related to renewable energy projects.
-Publication of books or magazines on new energies
-Cooperative research and development agreements
-Technology Partnerships