Renewable Energies

Renewable resources are those that are refilled through biogeochemical and physical cycles. They generated from natural resources such as solar, wind, rain, wave or tidal energy, geothermal heat and biomass or biomass based waste products, including landfill gases which are renewable.
 The majority of renewable energy technologies are powered by the sun. Renewable energy encompasses many different types of technology at different stages of development and commercialization, from the burning of wood for heat in the residential sector to wind-generated electricity. Renewable energies
have the potential to replace conventional fossil fuels and nuclear power.
 Importantly, renewable energy technologies produce virtually no greenhouse gas emissions and can effectively address climate change.
Electricity generated through solar, wind and water resources will be available to us as long as the sun shines, wind blows, or water flows. In this page you can fine some useful information about the renewable energies such as Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Ocean, Biomass and waste to energy. Please click on the pictures for more information

Wind Energy

Solar Energy





Waste to Energy