Hydropower Energy

Historically people used the power of rivers for agriculture, the use of water power dates back thousands of years to the water wheels of Ancient Greece, which used the energy in falling water to generate power to grind wheat. That was a first system of using hydropower energy. Hydropower is the energy that comes from the natural flow of water.
 This pure energy generated by using electricity generators to extract energy from moving water.
Today, rivers and streams are re-directed through hydro generators to produce energy. Hydroelectric power is generated through the force of falling water, by damming a stream or river to raise its water level and then allowing the water to fall against a turbine connected to a generator.
There are different types of hydro plants that are used for the purpose of generating electricity.
There are micro-dams, giant dams and a lot more. The hydroelectric plants are divided in different parts. These are the dam, generator, turbine, transmission lines and a lot more.